Smilin Bob’s smoked fish dip is a favorite of Florida residents and tourists alike. Made with wild caught, Amberjack and Kingfish caught in the Florida Keys our product has a creamy texture with a rich smoked flavor. Finest in Conch-style cooking brings you fresh fish made better.

Smilin’ Bob’s Fish Dip Process

The entire smoked fish process, from whole fish caught in the Florida Keys to finished smoked product, is a minimum of three days. The process begins with the whole fish being filleted and deboned. Step two of the process is brining the fish with a recipe that has been perfected over the last 20 years. The last step involves a hot oven smoking process. Our smoke ovens are heated with locally grown hardwoods to give the seafood a distinctive Florida Keys flavor.

The finished product is a honey brown fish with a mild, smoky flavor.