Smilin' Bob's Smoked Fish Dip t-shirt program at BJ's

BJ’s T-shirt Program Big News

Smilin’ Bob’s Smoked Fish Dip is now in every BJ’s Wholesale Club in the United States. Still not sure where your closest location is? We have you covered with our new BJ’s only map.

We also kicked off our t-shirt program for customers that purchase three tubs from BJ’s. As you can see in the picture from one of our Instagram friends, our shipping department is going to be busy, and not just busy until the end of September as initially planned. We’re announcing today that the t-shirt program is extended until the end of the year! So as we get closer to the holidays, it looks like anybody that tries this incredible dip will surely be sporting one of our t-shirts. Yes, it is that addictive, so save those receipts and fill out this two-minute form.

Also, don’t forget to show off your BJ’s purchase on Facebook and Instagram. We love reposting your pics, so get creative, and don’t forget to tag it #keepsmilin to @smilinbobs on both platforms. As a band (literally) of Northeastern transplants, living the Key West dream, we can’t tell you how exciting it is to share our creation with everyone back home. So treat yourself right and bring home the taste of Key West today! Smilin’ Bob’s Smoked Fish Dip will at least give your mouth the vacation it deserves.

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