Football, Fishdip and FUN! Smilin' Bob's Smoked Fish Dip

Football, Fishdip, and FUN!

That’s been our secret for years. First, it was just with our family, but now we share it with our extended family, YOU. It’s fall, and that means FOOTBALL! So gather the family and friends this weekend and celebrate your team with Smilin’ Bob’s Smoked Fish Dip. Over the years, we’ve received countless emails, Facebook, and Instagram posts telling us how our dip was the HIT of their football party. Find a location that carries Smilin’ Bob’s Smoked Fish Dip near you using our handy map, and don’t forget to share your favorite team & dip with the world. Just use the hashtag #keepsmilin on Facebook and Instagram and at us @Smilinbobs.

Speaking about sharing your passion with the world. Our New ambassador program is off to a fast start! We’ve already shared some of the artwork and pics from our ambassadors to our main Smilinbobs timeline, and this coming week Bob will engaging the ambassadors directly. Becoming an ambassador is easy! Be the first to know about contests, giveaways, and promotions. Share recipes and ideas, and chat with other ambassadors. PLUS, Bob loves to give away free stuff! Click this link, and yourself to the group. #keepsmilin

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