Click play to hear the new Smilin’ Bob’s Song!

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  1. My son was dancing, we love the song. I especially like when you say “you need three so you can share one with me”.

  2. Please find a retailer in the Pacific Northwest! We cannot afford to keep ordering by mail, but we discovered you on a trip to Key West. We love the Fish Dip!

  3. Please make a less carb packed delicious dip. It’s my favorite and I’m on a new diet. Please help

  4. We are natives of Tampa Florida. Husband Bob has fished all of his life in Tampa, Panhandle & the Keys. Family in-laws are 6 generations of Mullet fisherman and a commercial business. Family famous for their great smoked mullet dip. Husband Bob has spent many years “trying” to re-create the process (for personal use only). Anyway, happy to have your recipe tips and look forward to trying them. Real coincidence, he is smoking mullet today. Hope to attend one of your events some day soon. LOVE YOUR WEB SITE & SONG !

  5. Had the opportunity to sample some of smiling bobs fish dip in palm beach absolutely loved it.Everytime we come down from Canada it’s our go to appetizer. Wish we could get shipped up north.

    1. Hi, Andrew. Sorry, we’re not in Atlanta at the moment and so your best bet — aside from a trip to the Florida Keys in February! — is to place an order via the website. Enjoy!

  6. Smilin Bob’s is one of my favorites…the song alone jumps this to the top! Thanks for finding goofy creative ways to make me sing about fish dip all day long. 🙂

  7. Do you put drugs in the dip? Seriously, I tried it once w my GF and now I want more and more… Craving it. It has the absolute perfect amount of smokeyness. Some dips are bitter due to over smoking.

  8. I don’t like fish dip but the sample tasted good so I thought I’ll buy it and take it to someone’s party. But once I started eating it, I could not give it away !!!! It is absolutely delicious – the BEST fish dip I have ever had. I will be buying more of it and recommending it to everyone I know. Thank YOU.

  9. Bought a container a few days ago off the cuff at a local fresh market… we are hooked! Have bought 4 more in the last 2 days. Now sending some to our friends that were here visiting at the time from Wisconsin. We love you Similin’ Bob! Loved the start-up story too 🙂

  10. I never liked smoked fish. Until I tried yours. OMG. I buy it in Sams EVERY week. I even hooked up my Argentinian relatives that don’t like fish or smoked! They are going back home touwith 3 tubs!
    The song is right. You try it and you will be wanting more.
    You should be very proud of your product.

  11. Is there any opportunity for distributors in the Central Florida Market. Really great product! I have tried a lot of smoked fish dip and yours is awesome!

  12. Thank goodness Publix in Cape Coral, FL now carries Smilin Bob’s Smoked Fish Dip! Since my last trip down to the Keys I have been dreaming of their smoked fish dip and now routinely
    purchase it from local Publix store. THANK YOU ALL! It’s a super dip!!

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