Here comes the Holidays and as everyone gathers with friends and family it’s a great time to share Smilin’ Bobs Smoked Fish Dip.

Last week a got a email from a fan. They went to a birthday party and wanted to share the dip with friends. Well, do you know so did two other people. So, three tubs of Smilin’ Bob’s Smoked Fish Dip and it still wasn’t enough!

If your favorite store doesn’t carry Smilin’ Bob’s Smoked Fish Dip, just ask the Seafood manager to get in touch with us and we’ll get some of our gourmet Fish Dip to them.

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  1. We just learned that our Albertson store in St.Lucie West is closing in the next several weeks. What now???? We love your product and have be enjoying it for over a year. What are the chances it will be merchandised through other chains in our area, such as Publix or Winn Dixie in Fort Pierce ??? Thanks Jim

  2. In reviewing the stores that stock your Fish Dip, all the Albertson’s in Central Florida are closing or have already closed. Is there another grocery store chain in the area that will be selling your product?

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