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  1. I Arrived at my new piano students house in New Port Richey Fl. I happened to be wearing my new
    Smilin’ Bobs Shirt. I was immediately overrun by three boys and their mom. It turns out that Dawson, Brett, and Ethan wouldn’t let mom(Kate) come home from shopping without Smilin’ Bobs Fish Dip !

  2. My husband and I have a condo in Key West and just got back from a two week vacation down there. We live in not so sunny upstate NY also (Syracuse, to be exact). We fell in love with SmilinBob’s smoked fish dip! We were at Fausto’s and my husband bought a tub. We finished it and went back for another! (and another, and another….) by the time we went to Sunset Key (for our 2nd week of vacation) he’d purchased a cooler just to stock up on more! We flew home with the cooler as a carry on with our tub of Smilin’Bob’s smoked fish dip! We travel all over the world and have tried many smoked fish dips but this one knocked our socks off! By far the BEST we’ve ever had. I am thrilled we can buy it on line so when this tub runs out, we can order more! Thank you for making this awesome dip!

  3. Omg I just tasted your smoke fish dip tonight that I bought in ABC liquors in Fort Lauderdale . Wow! Sales man in there encouraged me to try it, he said as soon as it comes in it goes out quickly. He then told me that the original man I am guessing Bob use to deliver it himself, but as his business grew he had to get a distributor. Bob your a HIT! I wish you all the success and hard work you put into your product, AMAZING!

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