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I was recently looking for a snack and found your fish dip at Publix. I brought it home to my family and it clearly was not enough. I found myself returning to the store to grab more because it was so addictive. The Smoky fresh flavor is one of a kind, and we are hooked. It’s sad to say I have made many great fish dips but yours is a family favorite! Thanks and keep up the great work.

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  1. Want to be able to buy it here in ri. It’s my favorite when staying in fl.where can i purchase fish dip?

  2. I loved Smilin Bob and IMMEDIATELY tasted the quality difference….My wife hated it…..More for me

    1. Yes, just go to the products page. All of the products are there and you can have it shipped to your front door. Thanks and Keep Smilin’!

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